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Hypnotherapy in Newark, Southwell & West Bridgford

Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching for Weight Loss, Anxiety & Self Esteem Newark, Southwell & Nottingham

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Welcome to Core You...Helping You to Bring Peace & Happiness to Your Very Core!

Jacquie Whur D Hyp GQHP D.NLP D.EMDR Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind & Motivation Coach

For many of us, the one thing that we search for is that feeling of Inner Peace, Happiness, Self Acceptance.

We often, however struggle to find it, especially when we are living with daily feelings of Anxiety.

When we are struggling with Self Esteem and the Inner Voice is constantly belittling.
Or knowing that you, yet again have to start another diet, only to already have thoughts of failure, before you’ve even started.

How different would you feel if you could peel away those thoughts, those beliefs. If you could learn to let go of not feeling good enough.

If you were no longer beholden to food, you know what you should and shouldn’t eat, but yet you are still stuck in the relentless Diet cycle, concerned about your Weight for health issues or because it’s impacting upon your Self Esteem.

To be able to manage stress, to feel good about yourself...to take back control from the bully that is Anxiety!

When we learn to let go of these things that hold us back...we change.

When we learn how to take control of our thoughts...we change

When we learn to love ourselves, and to be kind to ourselves...we change

If You Are You Struggling With










If you are ready to change


you don’t know where to start


how to change

then let me help you.

Hypnosis Helps To Harness The Brains Power To Change!

Change your thoughts and you'll change your life.

I am passionate about helping my clients find a healthier way of living !

Whether it’s weight loss, anxiety relief, learning to manage stress, building confidence and self esteem, or teaching you to let go of negative thoughts.

When we teach the mind to let go, not only does our mental health benefit but also our physical health.

What we hold in the mind has a direct effect on the body, equally what we eat and place within our body has a direct effect on our mental health.

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Fed up ?? then let me teach you how to ditch that diet, change your mindset and turn denial upside down!

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Change your mindset and you’ll change not only your body, but your health and your well-being

With the right mindset and motivation you can achieve your weight loss goal.

You may of tried all the latest faddy diets that are out there and lost some weight, but what happens when you come off the diet?

The weight goes back on! WHY? because a diet is simply a period of time that has a start and an end date, where you eat less, battle with your will power and you simply revert to old habits.

Diets do not deal with the change of thoughts that are required for successful weight loss, they don’t address eating habits, behaviours, your relationship with food, these are the things that need to change. After all it’s your current thoughts, choices and actions that have lead to the weight gain

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Anxiety... The bully in your mind

Anxiety is a normal feeling that we have all experienced at some point in our lives, it stems from our bodies fight or flight response, most of us have had anxious thoughts or worries at times of stress or when taking exams, driving tests, awaiting medical results.

Anxiety however for some people becomes a constant part of life, it is a relentless chatter within the mind, the more you listen the more it grows.

Anxiety produces not only mental but physical symptoms, as well as impacting upon everyday life, work, socialising & relationships.

For some people anxiety may also be linked to underlying health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, pain etc...

There is now clear evidence with regard to the gut-brain axis, what we eat, can and does effect out mental health.

Contact me today to book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL to see how I can help you move forward

Hypnotherapy and mind coaching is aimed at providing you with the skills and positivity in order to allow change to happen.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I can help with a wide range of problems :

* Anxiety
* Fears & Phobias
* Weight Loss
* Smoking Cessation
* Confidence
* Self Esteem Issues
* Stress
* Motivation
* Sports Performance
* Fertility
* Pain Management

I have successfully helped countless people to over come limitations that have been holding them back so that they can start moving forward with the life that they want...

I run a busy practice offering Weight Loss Hypnosis, Smoking Cessation and General Hypnotherapy, covering areas between Nottingham to Lincoln. I offer appointments in Newark, Southwell & West Bridgford. all locations are easily accessible to Nottingham, Lincoln and surrounding Nottinghamshire villages.
I also offer online sessions, so location is no longer a barrier.

Hypnosis has also been clinically shown to be an alternative way of managing pain, its not about convincing you that you no longer feel the pain. Its about helping you manage the fear and anxiety attached to the pain and allowing your mind to relax and redirect your attention away from the sensation of pain.

The subconscious is where we store all our habits, beliefs and memories. On a conscious level you may want change to happen, for example: loose weight, stop smoking be less anxious etc., but your subconscious mind is more resistant to these changes as it has spent years perfecting those habits and beliefs.

This is why Hypnotherapy is so effective, as suggestions for change are being made directly to the subconscious mind.

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"You may never know what results come from your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results."


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