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Weight Loss. waist/tape measure

Don't Lose the weight - Get rid of it... for GOOD

Its not about faddy diets or supplements its about helping you to change your eating habits for good.

With the power of Hypnosis you can take control over your food choices, portion sizes and end sugar addictions.

STOP making excuses and take back control!

Think Slim Mindset

Change your mindset and learn to think slim...make the right choices, become more positive and motivated.

Learn to change your internal voice and start loving yourself.

Stop seeing yourself as someone who is fat and overweight and start visualising yourself as that slim fit person...

Weight Loss Programme

ONLY £250

The weight management package will support you through the weight loss journey.

Helping you to understand why you can't get rid of the weight, to challenge these beliefs that are holding you back and to dump the excuses that you have been hanging onto.

Successful weight loss needs to be do-able, so its looking for a steady amount each week, its about getting healthy.

By using a combination of hypnosis, coaching and NLP techniques we look to find a new "CAN DO" attitude and raise your self esteem and motivation to embrace a new healthier relationship with food.

The programme consists of 6 personalised sessions to increase your confidence and motivation, techniques to allow you to take control of food, stress reduction and to build self esteem.
The virtual gastric band may be incorporated into the package should it be suitable.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

ONLY £135

This is an alternative non-surgical weight loss procedure.

The world is currently seeing a dramatic increase in obesity which can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes to name a few.

The NHS are currently conducting clinical trial on virtual gastric band as success rates are high and with none of the complications of surgery.

With a virtual gastric band there are No pills, No surgery, No risks and No anesthetic.

How does it work

It is basically a method used to retraining the brain to be satisfied with smaller food portions, the brain is convinced that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake and that no more food is required. The client will think that a band has been placed around their stomach and that they can no longer eat as much as usual.

It is NOT a diet, as the virtual gastric band allows you to eat whatever you want, but to feel satisfied with smaller quantities. This way you can still enjoy meals and not feel deprived.

With hypnotherapy your relationship with food is also treated, and what triggers over eating. This is an area that is neglected through normal surgery and diets, which leads people to fail.

As part of the full weight management process, you will be taught techniques to cope with stress and the benefits of mindful eating.

How Weight Gain & Stress are connected

Stress can contribute in several ways to weight gain, one way is through hormones. When we are under stress our fight or flight response is triggered, this leads to hormones being released. One of these hormones is Cortisol.
So whether your stress is due to work problems, hectic lifestyle or a perceived real danger, our body responds in the same way.

Too much cortisol can slow the metabolism, causing weight gain and making dieting difficult.

Prolonged stress can also alter your blood sugar levels, causing mood swings & fatigue. This can then lead to greater health problems.

Excessive stress can even effect where fat is stored. High stress levels have been linked to an increase in abdominal fat storage, which again is associated with greater health risks.


People who are stressed generally crave more fatty, sugary and salty foods - sweets and processed foods. These foods are typically less healthy and contribute to weight gain.

To busy and stressed to exercise is another major factor, more and more people are leading a sedentary lifestyle - sat at a desk, stuck in traffic and then ending the day on the sofa in front of the TV.
Exercise is a great way of reducing the amount of cortisol in your body and at the same time burns calories.

People are hypnotized every day, the power of the mind can change your life and change your eating habits.

Just some of the things my clients have said to me:

Virtual Gastric Band has been great, I've lost a stone so far in 3 weeks.

from day one, I have been eating slower and felt full on smaller portions.

I have felt no guilt about leaving food on my plate, I felt full and I was happy to leave it.

I have no desire to eat chocolate.

I have been able to have one biscuit without then eating the whole packet.

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