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Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching is aimed at providing you with the skills & positivity needed in order to allow change to happen.

Louise - 5 Months ago I started my wonderful journey of learning to love myself and lose weight. With you support I have now reached 3 stone gone forever. Before starting I never understood how certain foods made me feel, now I only eat to fuel my body. Feeling fantastic & positive

What my clients have to say. Louise before & After

What my clients have to say. Helens before & after

H - started her weight loss journey 5 months ago and has lost 2.5 stone. She is feeling fantastic, positive & very proud of herself

What my clients have to say. Richard before & after

A complete change of mindset and 4 stone lost during lockdown for this lovely man.

I contacted Jacquie (core you hypnotherapy) at a very low point in my life. I was aware that I was overweight but felt too old (nearly 52) und unable to change. I was concerned as I knew my health was at risk and I was extremely unhappy with my life. I have had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy and I still cant believe the difference in how I feel. Not only have I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks, my whole outlook has changed. I feel positive, happy and in charge of my life. Food no longer controls me. Jacquie was extremely supportive and at no time made me feel ashamed of how I was. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing some support in their life.

I don't know if i will ever find the words to thank you, in 2 sessions you've changed my life, lifted my guilt, self loathing and hatred and replaced it with hope. A truly unique lady who I'm so blessed to have as a part of my transformation journey. Oh and a 9lb loss week one! Whoop whoop.


I first came to see Jacquie out of general interest in the process of hypnosis, having never previously experienced hypnosis I did not know what to expect of the session. I asked Jacquie to help me with a confidence issue, something I had been struggling with for the past 5 years.
The session was really enjoyable and completely relaxing. I felt uninhibited by my own anxieties but at no time out of my own mental control. I left feeling refreshed, calm and energized enough to begin taking control over my own negative mental processes.
Jacquie showed me how to apply various hypnotic and relaxation techniques to my own life. Through these techniques I have been able to retrain my brain not to automatically make negative mental associations, thus lessening my anxiety. I credit Jacquie and hypnosis with the beginning of my route towards a calmer, happier and more confident self. I would absolutely recommend this process to anyone.

Virtual Gastric Band has been great, I have lost 1 stone so far in just 3 weeks.


Having had a previous infection after surgery I was dreading the prospect of having my shoulder replaced due to arthritis. I am now 86 years old and was looking for options to support me through this stressful time. I have never used hypnosis for pain management or to help me with my fears previously. I decided to give Jacquie at Core You Hypnotherapy a go. Jacquie came to my home on two occasions and I have been amazed by the results. She taught me how to put myself in a calm and special place to cope with the impending operation. I had no fear and walked into the operating theatre. I am now recovering from the operation and already managing without medicated pain relief due to the techniques she has taught me. I found Jacquie to be a tranquil and calm person and I would not hesitate in recommending her services. I can't thank her enough.

Feeling positive, I've lost a stone so far, which I'm really pleased about and delighted with how I feel.

My Journey

I would like to start this journey with a little background information. It was December 2016 I was 51 years old, a good five stone over weight, trapped in a situation that I felt I could not get out of and desperately unhappy. I had spent the last two years mainly at home not wanting to go out eating and trying to tell myself it didn’t matter what I looked like. I had no self-confidence and no mojo, as I described it. I knew I was going through the menopause but I was left feeling very much like I did when I had post-natal depression over twenty years ago. As the new-year dawned I wanted to do something but didn’t know where to turn, by chance when I was scrolling through facebook I kept seeing an advert for Core You Hypnotherapy. After several days of seeing it pop up I clicked and enquired as to how much and received a lovely reply for what I considered a reasonable price. Several more weeks followed and I messaged again asking for details and was invited for a free find out about things chat. Being what I thought very brave I arranged an appointment in February and set off to meet Jacquie.
I was rather sceptical I have to say and one of the first things I asked her was would I bark like a dog or walk like a chicken if someone said a certain word, but being the ultimate professional, with just a smile she reassured me that it wouldn’t happen. Then that was when my journey began, we had a long chat about how I felt and something about Jacquie gave me the strength to open up and say exactly how I felt, how sad and lost I was and that I really felt there wasn’t any hope. At no time did she make me feel bad or as many people can do she did not judge me but offered to help me and although it all sounded too good to be true she worked with me on relaxing and we made an appointment to start the three sessions for gastric band therapy in March.
Hypnosis is not what I imagined it to be but each session gave me such a boost and each time I felt able to relax more and a bubble of happiness began. I felt able to face my challenge to lose weight but also more important to me I knew I was regaining my inner happiness, my energy, my mojo was back. The meetings were not just about being hypnotised there was advice, support and again someone who listened and understood how I felt. It is now six months into my journey I am now 52 and I could not be happier, I have lost four stone which is the target I set myself, as five sounded too big a number, and during the summer break (I work in a school) I maintained my weight, spent lots of time out with friends and have laughed such a lot just like the old days. Jacquie is still there texting support and answering any questions I have.
My journey hasn’t ended, this I hope is the rest of my life, controlling my bad food habits and at peace with who I am and how I feel. Now I am back at work I am losing weight again so maybe the five stone is possible, I cannot thank Jacquie enough she really has helped me turn my life around and importantly helped me to like myself again. Her belief in me was something that will stay with me forever, I recommend her therapy service wholehearted.

Chris's Journey

After a number of years feeling down and sad and wishing I could turn the clock back and tell my family who have passed away how much I loved and appreciated all they had done for me but knowing this was not possible I found comfort in food and continued punishing myself for all my shortcomings, as I perceived them. Finally, in October 2016 I made the decision that if all my Dr could offer was pills or a very long wait to see a counsellor to help me overcome my feelings, I had to sort myself out and after a friend told me how hypnosis helped her with grief counselling and weight loss I decided to try that route and after searching on line I found Core You and with the help of Jacquie my journey began.
This turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. On the first session I talked to Jacquie about all my regrets and how at 70 I felt worthless this feeling had intensified with all the hatred aimed at people my age following the referendum result in June. Jacquie listened and showed me how to bring closure to these feelings and helped me to accept that I could still have a good and happy life ahead, all I had to do was take control.
The road to how I now feel began that day. I learned how to relax and how to see food as a means to a healthy and active life and not a crutch for when I am bored of feeling sad. I no longer turn to the biscuit barrel or chocolate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a piece of chocolate if I want too, I just don’t eat the whole bar and I don’t have it every day. I have also learned that I can leave food on my plate when I am full. There are too many things that I have tweaked in my day to day life to name here but after my sessions with Jacquie I now feel in control of my life, I am happy, I eat what I want but in moderation and if I feel that a certain food is hard to control I have cut it out altogether and I don’t miss it.
I have now lost 18lbs that might not sound a lot but to me it is, I still have a long way to go to reach my goal but I know that I will. I use the techniques Jacquie taught me, how to relax, how to visualise my life if I follow the wrong road and how it will be if I stay on the right side and they are the tools I need to keep me feeling how I do now.
I would like to thank Jacquie for all her support and patience, for never thinking I was foolish but always offering encouragement and advice on how to overcome negative feelings. Hypnosis is a very relaxing experience you never feel uncomfortable or that you will be made to do something that is wrong or silly, it is a wonderful relaxing way to take control of your feelings. I would recommend this form of therapy and Core You Hypnotherapy to anyone who lacks self-esteem or respect for themselves and their right to their own points of view. Once you like yourself again everything else falls into place.
My mantra now is:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Thanks for everything Jacquie.

Viviens' story
I had considered having hypnotherapy for quite a while, as I struggle with my weight and my health. I knew I used food to boost my mood, whether anxious, upset or tired and soon poor health and fatigue, followed by bad diet and little exercise became a vicious circle and I knew I needed help.
Jacquie is great at what she does, right from the start I felt I'd made the right choice, she made me feel comfortable and supported. She tackled the surface problems of cravings etc whilst actually addressing the underlying thought and emotions. I knew I was an emotional person, but I now realise how I hold onto negative thoughts and memories. Jacquie helped me remember the positive ones, she made me believe in myself and worked on self esteem. She gave me a goal! Now I am looking at things from a different perspective. I treat myself kindly and know 'I am worth it.'
Thank you Jacquie x

Hi Jacquie,
I am really well and enjoying Uni and I would 1000% like to recommend this therapy to anyone, as it has basically changed my whole outlook on life. I cannot believe how effective it has been. I am so thrilled with how much better I've been sleeping, no screaming, no crippling anxiety, I get more and more confident each day and I am so much more relaxed. You are incredible, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. People should be shouting from the rooftops about hypnotherapy as a possible solution to problems like mine. I am so unbelievably grateful. X

Hi Jacquie, weight loss is going well, I've dropped 6kg so far and I've started back at the gym and generally being more active, I've not had any fizzy drinks since the first session or any chocolate bars which is a massive positive!!!

I started hypnotherapy with Jacquie as I had very bad anxiety and low self confidence. I have a long history of suffering with mental health issues and previously tried medications and different talking therapies, returning to the same point and getting frustrated with the lack of results.
I had no real expectations as to whether it would work and I have been amazed by the impact. Jacquie has such a calm, nonjudgmental manner which made it easy to discuss personal thoughts and was very astute in what she picked up during our chats. She was then able to tailor each session accordingly. Alongside the sessions, she also taught me invaluable techniques for dealing with anxiety and negative thoughts. This has made such a huge difference to me already and I feel positive it will continue to do so for the future. RR

Hi Jacquie, well it’s now 1 stone lost which is amazing as I’ve not been on a diet. I’ve ate when I’m hungry and stopped when I felt full even if I’ve not eaten everything on my plate. I’ve had the odd cake and ice cream (that’s life) This is me, it’s my new way of eating now, the norm, so looking forward to some more weight loss. (Linda)

So proud of myself today. I’m definitely fitter, healthier and happier, also weighing one stone less than I was. It’s a great achievement and one that I’m really pleased with. However my mindset is also now different so I’m confident that I’ll lose more weight and definitely more inches, which was always my aim. Thank you so much Jacquie.

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What my clients have to say. Plant with pink

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is about establishing new eating patterns that you can maintain so that you can avoid the constant yo yo dieting, Its about changing for good. For most people we attach emotions to food, feeling down, bored, stressed etc.. but we don't ever stop to think what the emotion really is that we are feeling, instead we just feed it! The sub conscious mind latches onto the empty feeling and matches this to the stomach, so in turn you fill yourself with food, but the empty feeling doesn't go away, as the real emotion or need has never been addressed in the first place.

Small things you can do to help

When you feel the need to eat, stop and think...are you actually hungry? Before you run to the biscuit tin, sit down for 5 minutes and allow the though to pass, as that's all it is...just a thought, you can take control and decide to ignore that thought.

Eating mindfully...with busy lives and lack of time, many of us are guilty of eating on the go or in front of the telly. By doing this the mind is otherwise engaged in another activity, this results in us eating quicker and missing the natural full signal. By slowing down our eating it gives the stomach and your mind time to feel full at the right point.

Stop feeling that you need to clear your plate, if you've had enough then stop and put it in the bin...stop treating your body as the bin!

If you feel a hunger pang, have glass of water first. The mind can often confuse the need for hydration with food.

What my clients have to say. Standing

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